User Administration in Roustabout Software

You must have the appropriate privileges to access this feature

To Add / Edit or Set a User to Inactive from Roustabout Software follow the following Steps:

I. ) Select the Main Menu Drop-Down Button

II. ) Select User Administration

After selecting User Administration you will be directed to the User Administration Window.  

From here you will be able to Add / Edit and Set a User to Inactive From Roustabout Software

Adding a New User in Roustabout Software

After following Steps I - II shown above you can now Add a New User

1. ) Select the Add User Button

 After Selecting Add User you will be prompted with the Add User Window.

2. )  Fill in all the information pertaining to the New User you want to Add

3.  )  Select the Available Modules you want the New User to access

(Limiting access to modules will not allow user to use all features in Roustabout Software)

4.  )  Select the Yards you want to User to access

5. ) Select the Create User button

Editing an Existing User in Roustabout Software

1.  ) Select the Edit Button corresponding to the User you wish to Edit

2.  ) After selecting the Edit button you can now Edit an Existing Users information.

3.  ) After all changes have been made select the Save Changes Button

Setting a User to Inactive in Roustabout Software

1.  )  After following Steps I - II shown above select the Edit Button corresponding to the User you wish to set to Inactive

2.  )  Select the User Status and set User to Inactive

3.  ) Select the Save Changes button 

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