Lease Administration

** You must have the appropriate access to modify these functions**

Add/Edit Leases using Lease Administration

I. Select the System Administration tab from the Drop-down  List

II. Select Lease Administration from the Administrative Functions Table

III.  After Selecting Lease Administration, you will be directed to the Lease Administration Window were you can Add/ Edit Leases:


Adding a New Lease

After following the steps I-III shown above,  you can now Add a New Lease. 

1. Select the Add Lease button:

2.  You will then be directed to the Add Lease Page

a.) Select the Customer from the drop-down list which the Lease will be assigned

b.) Fill in the Lease Information in the Add Lease text fields.

c.) Select the Save Changes button:

Editing an Existing Lease:

After Following Steps I-III shown above you can now Edit an Existing Lease

1.  Select the Edit Button corresponding to the Lease you need to Edit:

2.  Edit the Existing Lease fields and select the Save Changes Button:

Setting a Lease to Inactive

Follow steps I - III above to Set a Lease to Inactive

 1.  Select the Edit button corresponding to the Lease you want to set to Inactive:

2. Select the Lease Status Drop-down Menu.

Set Lease to Inactive Lease.

Select the Save Changes button:

** Setting a Lease to Inactive, will remove the Lease from the Ticket Entry Process **

Setting External Identifiers For A Lease

Follow steps I - III above to Set the Ext ID

1. Select the Edit button corresponding to the Lease you want to set to Add an Ext ID to.

2. Enter External ID and Select the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

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