Assigning Invoicing Status to Invoices

I.) Select the Main Menu Drop-Down, select the Invoice Tab, and Select Invoice Lookup:

II.) Locate the Invoices you wish to Assign an Invoice Status

Select the Check-Box corresponding to the Invoices you wish to Assign an Invoice Status:

III.)  Select the Bulk Invoice Change Drop-Down Menu and select the Status you wish to Assign:

IV.)  After Selecting the Invoice Status, a Confirmation Message will display:

V.) You can also Assign a Pusher to selected tickets by,

Selecting the Assign to Pusher Drop-Down Menu, and selecting the Pusher you want to Assign:

VI.) After Selecting the Pusher you want to Assign.  A Confirmation Message will display:

VII.)  After assigning Invoice Status you will need to Refresh the screen. 

 You can do this by selecting the Filter Invoice button, or selecting the Refresh button on your browser:

VIII.) After Refreshing the Screen, Your Assigned Invoices will now display the newly assigned Status.  

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