Driver Administration

I.) Select the Drop-down Menu button and select the Admin Home tab under System Administration:

II.) After Selecting Admin Home, you will be directed to the Admin Home Screen.  Select Drivers: 

III.) After Selecting Drivers, you will be directed to Drivers Administration.  Here you can Add, Edit, and Set Drivers to Inactive:

Adding a New Driver

1.) After following steps I-III shown above, select the Add Driver button to create a New Driver:

2.) After selecting Add Driver, you will be prompted with the Add Driver Screen.  Fill out New Drivers information, and select Save Changes:

Edit an Existing Driver

1.)  To Edit an Existing Driver, follow steps I-III shown above and select the Edit button corresponding to the Driver:

2. )  After selecting the Edit button you will be prompted with the Edit Driver window.  Here you can edit driver details. 

 After making all modifications select the Save Changes button:

Setting a Driver to Inactive

1.)  After Following steps I - III shown above, select the Edit button corresponding to the Driver you want to set to Inactive:

2.)  After selecting the Edit button, you will be prompted by the Edit Driver window.  To set the Driver to Inactive, select the drop-down menu from Driver Status and Select Inactive.

After setting the Driver to Inactive, select the Save Changes button:

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