Managing Users in Hauling Software

** You must have User Administration Access to use this feature **

1.) Select User Administration Function from the Drop-down Menu:

2.)  After selecting User Administration you will be directed to the Employee/User Administration Home Page. From here you can Add a new User/ Employee, Edit an User/Employee, and Set an Employee to Inactive.

Adding a New Employee/ User:

1.)  To Add a New Employee/ User select the Add Employee/User button:

2.)  Fill in the Appropriate Fields

a.)  User Information

b.)  Select which Available Modules you want this New Employee/ User to access  

* Recommend to limit lower level employee/ user to the minimum access *

c.)  Assign which Yards they can Access

d.) After completing all Fields, select the Create User button to Save Employee/ User

Editing a Employee/ User

1.) To Edit an Existing Employee/ User select the Edit button next to the appropriate user you want to edit:

2.) After Selecting Edit button you will be prompted with the Edit Employee/ User window.  Here you can change passwords, modify employee/user access, and modify assigned yards.  After all modifications are complete, select the Save Changes button.

Setting an Employee/ User to Inactive:

** Do Not Delete Employee/ User, Only Set Employee/User to Inactive.**

1.)  If an Employee/ User no longer requires access, setting the Employee/ User to Inactive by accessing the Employee/ User and selecting Edit them as shown above. 

 a.)  Select the User Status Tab under User Information 

b.)  Change Employee/ User from Active to Inactive.

c.) User will now be an Inactive Employee/ User

b.)  Select the Save Changes button

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