Overview of Pricing Structure in Roustabout Software:

Roustabout Software uses a two-tiered pricing structure to allow flexibility on a Per Customer basis:

Roustabout software uses a Global tier and Company Specific Tier.

An Illustration describing the Pricing Tier is shown below: 

A) Setting Asset Pricing (Global Tier)

1.) Select System Administration under the drop-down Menu, and Select the Asset Management Tab

2.)   After Selecting the Asset Management Tab, you will be directed to the Asset Management Window.  To adjust pricing of current Assets, Select the Edit Button next to the Asset Type you wish to change:

3.)  After Selecting the Edit Tab, You will be prompted with the Asset Type window.  Here you can modify your Global Level Asset pricing. After making changes to Asset Pricing Select the Save Changes Button:

B) Setting Company Pricing (Customer Specific Tier)

1.) Select the System Administration Tab from the Drop-down Menu, and select the Company Option:

2.)  After selecting the Company option, you will be directed to the Company Administration window.  To edit Customer Specific Pricing select the PRICING button next to the Company you want to modify:

3.)  You will be prompted with the Set Customer Based Pricing Assets window, where you can edit Customer Pricing for each Asset available.  By setting a Price here it will override the Default Asset Price (Global Price) for the Individual Company. After setting Company Price, select the Save Fees button.

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