Sending a Ticket from Invoice Approval back to Admin Approval

 ** In order to edit ticket details, first you must Send Back the ticket to the Admin Approval Stage **

1.) Select the Menu Bar and Select Invoice Tab, and select For Approval Button:

2. Locate the Ticket that needs to be Sent Back and Select the Send Back Button:

3. After selecting the Send Back Button, a Notes window will open.  Add a description to the ticket to be viewed in the Admin Approval Process, and select the Sent Back to Admin Approval Button:

4. After Selecting the Sent Back for Admin Approval Button, the ticket will move to the Admin Approval Menu.  Select the Admin Approval Tab from the Menu Bar:

5. The Ticket that was Sent Back for Admin Approval will now display with a Notes Button attached to it. 

6. Select the Notes Button to view Send Back Description


7. You can now Edit the Ticket and Re-Approve Ticket by selecting the Approve check box:

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