Assign Tank Types to a Lease

**If you have not already added a tank type Click here to view Tank Type Administration**

1.)  Select System Administration from the Drop-Down Menu ---> Then Select Admin Home

2. Select Leases from the Menu table:

3.) Identify which Lease from the table that you want to assign Tank Types and select the Tanks Button:

4.) Here you can Manage all Tank Types Assigned to each Individual Lease:

How to ADD a Tank Type to an Individual Lease

1.) Select the Drop-Down Tab next to Available Tanks:

2. Select the Tank Type you want to Add

3.) After Selecting the Tank Type You can Modify the Tank Name (optional) and Select the Add Tank Button

** Tank name example **

Tank 1- Water

Tank 2- Oil

4.) After selecting Add Tank, The new Tank Type will now show up assigned to the Individual Lease

Remove a Tank Type from an Individual Lease:

1.) Select the Remove Button for the Tank Type you want to Remove:

2.) A Notification will display confirming tank was Successfully Removed:

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