Tanks literally come in all shapes and sizes!  Are your tanks isolated, equalized, single tank pad or multiple tank pads?  When you use the Hauling Software Dispatch Module to calculate future pick up times, it is critical to assign appropriate tank sizes along with their barrels per inch to specific lease locations in order to get the most accurate automatically scheduled load times.  

1.)  First, move into the Tank Type Administration by clicking System Administration --> Admin Home:

2.)  Then select Tank Types:

3.)  To Add a New Tank or Edit an Existing Tank Type simply select either option:

4.)  Tank Type Field Definitions and Examples:

Definitions and Examples
1.)  Name:  Give the tank a name - many of our customers use the total BBL capacity as the name.  (ie:  210 BBL / 300 BBL / 4 x 210 BBL Equalized) 

2.)  BBL In:  BBL In. is the Barrels Per Inch of fluid in the tank – some common sizes are 1.17 for 210 BBL tanks or 1.67 for 300 BBL tanks.  

In the event you have a multi-tank pad that Is Equalized, we recommend multiplying the BBL/In x Number of Tanks to get an Equalized BBL/In.  For Example:  4 x 210 Tank Pad - Equalized would have 4.68 BBL/In  (1.17 x 4 = 4.68).

**Correct BBLs / Inch is critical for Priority Leases (aka Auto Haul or Timed Loads) and HS Forecasting Models.

3.) Rollover BBLs:  Rollover BBLs is set based on tank size and for locations with multiple tanks. It’s the level at which water will flow from one tank to the next when tanks are Not Equalized.  Many operators use one tank for water and one tank for oil and generally don’t want the water rolling into the oil tank.

4.)  Status:  New Tank Types will always be set to Active.  If you no longer need or choose to use a tank type, set this field to Inactive.  

5.)  Alert Levels:  Alert Levels – Color Coding and Flashing Alerts for volumes that are within set parameters will show up on your Combined Schedule.  An example of how you may want to set these on a 210 BBL tank for instance:

Alert Level 0 – 150 BBLs
Alert Level 1 – 165 BBLs
Alert Level 2 – 170 BBLs
Alert Level 3 – 180 BBLs

5.)  Once you have your Tank Types established, you'll need to Assign Specific Tank Types to Individual Leases.  Please Click Here to View Assigning Tank Types to a Lease.

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All information provided is for software products produced by CantrellJackson.com