Quick Access Reports Management

1. If you have not configured your Quick Access Reports:

A)Select the Reports Tab found in the Menu Bar

B)At the Top of the reports Screen you will be prompted with Message:

Warning! You haven't set your quick access reports to be shown on the menu Click Here to set. 

Click the Click Here button to configure custom Quick Access Reports

C) Next you will prompted with the Edit Quick Access Menu, where you can configure and set default quick access reports by checking the corresponding boxes and selecting EDIT

D)After Making Selections and Selecting the Edit button you Quick Access Reports will now be displayed under you Reports Tab within the Menu Bar

2.) How to ADD/ REMOVE Quick Access Reports:

A) Select the Reports Tab from The Menu Bar:

B) Along the  top of the Reports Home Screen the will be a display message with:

Clicking Here to edit your quick Access.

Select the "Clicking Here" button to open the Edit Quick Access Page

C) After Selecting the "Clicking here" button you will be prompted with the Edit Quick Access Page.  Here you can select / deselect or Turn On / Off any reports you would like to configure. After selecting which reports you want to have added / removed from the Quick Access Reports select the Edit button to Save your Changes:

D) After selecting the Edit Button your Quick Access Reports will automatically update and the reports you have selected will now display under your Reports Tab in the Menu Bar.

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All information provided is for software products produced by CantrellJackson.com