This Guide will walk step by step through the process of Entering a Ticket into Hauling Software

1. Select Ticket entry from the Main Menu Tab:

2.  Select the appropriate Ticket tab by:

A.) Selecting Menu Bar

B.) Selecting Tickets Button *Shown Below*

* Show above is the ticket tab and expand ticket button

This will open a drop-down list of all tickets available for data-entry the ticket tab.

3.  Select: Enter Ticket Button to enter the Ticket Entry Form window

After Selecting the Enter Ticket Button: You will be presented with the Ticket Entry Form window.  The left side of the window shows the PDF scanned copy to view for completing the ticket entry process.  The right side is where the information from the scanned ticket is entered.


*You can enter a ticket without a scanned copy

**See Enter a Ticket Without Scanned Copy

4. In The Ticket Entry Form Window you will be able to view the PDF Scanned  Ticket and enter the following information to complete the data entry process:

YARD- (Using the Drop-down function or by typing the name of the Yard) Select the Correct Yard from List

Work Ticket Number- Manually enter the Ticket Number Shown on Ticket (If error message of Duplicate ticket found appears, you can verify duplicate ticket by selecting the duplicate ticket and viewing it * See Duplicate Ticket Guide *

Ticket Type-  This Varies based upon your companies preference for ticket type.  Select the appropriate ticket type from drop-down menu

Bill Type- This is based upon your companies preference for bill type.  Common types are BBL's(price per BBL's) or Hourly(Price per Hour)

Company-Select the appropriate Company From Drop-Down menu

Lease- Select appropriate Lease from Drop-Down menu

Driver- Assign the Driver for the Ticket using the Drop-Down menu

Truck-Assign the Truck used to the Ticket using the Drop-Down menu

Trailer- Assign Trailer used to the Ticket using the Drop-Down menu

Disposal- Select the Disposal Name using the Drop-Down menu

Charge For Disposal- ONLY Check this box if there will be a Disposal Charge

       *** Disposal Price- Enter price for disposal ** Only used if Charge for Disposal Box is Checked **

Start Time- Assign the time the Ticket was Started **End-Time will automatically be calculated if using Hourly Rates**

Dispatch Comments- Enter information Provided by Driver in this field. *Not Required*

BBLs- Enter the total Number of BBL's *Only used if using BBL's Bill Type*

Hours- Enter total number of HoursOnly used if using Hour Bill Type*

Ordered By- Enter name of person who placed order here *Not Required*

Flag for Further Review- Check this Box to "FLAG" this ticket for review in the Admin Approval process, If "Flagged" enter comments in text box to be viewed in the Admin Approval Process *Not Required*

Example of Ticket Entry Window Below:

Examples of Charge for Disposal and Flag for Review Boxes:

*Checked and Unchecked boxes shown*

After All Ticket Information has been entered, Select the SAVE TICKET Button:

5. After Selecting the SAVE TICKET button you will enter the Review Ticket Entry Screen

*This may be disabled for some users*

At the Review Ticket Entry Screen you can:

Remove Ticket- WARNING!- This Deletes the Ticket and it will no longer appear in the system.  Removal requires ticket to be re-scanned and re-entered. 

Edit Ticket- Selecting this returns you to the Ticket Entry Form page where data entry can be modified/ deleted or corrected prior to ticket completion. This Step is best used if Ticket Entry personnel are different then the Admin Approval staff.

Mark as Completed- Selecting this Marks ticket as completed. * If more tickets are available in batch, selecting this automatically moves to the next ticket*

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